Maybe some other day..

“Do you want coffee?” he asked. She smiled and said, “NO!” She is happy today, so happy that she can even say no to coffee. After waiting for two months, finally he asked her out. No it’s not a date. But it’s not a friendly meeting either. It’s something else. She does not know what. Maybe she does not wanna know. Some things are worth not knowing. He is busy in drinking coffee. She looks at him, curious eyes, messy hair..”How come a person can look that good even drinking coffee? ” she smiles. He is still busy but now not with coffee. “You know I was thinking how can people survive without coffee?” he said with a smile in his lips. Oh god! This boy!!! When will he realize! When will he notice the love she has in her eyes for him?  When will he understand every time he asks to meet she waits, maybe today he will say something which will indicate he wants her. But it never happens, still she waits. He is done with coffee. “Shall we go back to our daily life now?” he asked. She smiles but her smile does not reach to her eyes, “Yes, why not!” i__m_still_waiting_for_you_by_made_in_utopia


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