Hold on or let go?

She was looking at an old picture.  Its been long since she heard his voice. “Should I call him?” she thinks. Then realised she doesn’t have his number. Strange! “Since when we became that distant!” He was someone very special and now she doesn’t even know where is he living! Why life has to be such cruel sometimes. She still remembers the first day they met. It was an ordinary day, just like others, but it changed her life. Who says people move on? They don’t. Its just we accept the fact some people are not worth keeping. But he was special,  and different. If she could, she would never let him go. She could hold onto him like she holds his memories now. Maybe she is the one to blame! Maybe she did not try enough but would that change anything? Would that make him realise how badly she wanted him to stop her when she was leaving???

blurry-691240_960_720photo source: pixabay.com


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