Go with the flow..

I am drowning.The blue big waves are taking me off to somewhere I don’t belong. But the feeling is soothing, somewhat peaceful. I  close my eyes and make an attempt to visualise the faces I love, the faces which were always there for me…I cant. Everything is blurred, fuzzy and blue. I can see the sky, its also blue. But so bright.. I cant keep staring. My eyes are hurting. I am slowly going far far away but I am not scared, rather happy. Why is it feeling so good?  Why am I not scared? I close my eyes and try to remember the last time I was that happy. I cant remember anything,nothing… Time is going slow. I am waiting for another big wave and I can see, its coming.. I smile, “I am ready!”….

sea-tide-blue-water-wave-previewphoto source:wallpaperpixel.com


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