Journey towards infinity

The train is a bit late today. She is waiting, like everyone else in that station. But seems like today is not really her day. “First that picture, now this train!”, she murmurs. Yes that distracting picture, “he seemed happy with her though”,she smiles. It’s been 6 months 22 days. No calls, no texts! But there were days when he used to call right after coming back from work. She takes a deep breath. Life changes, people change but do feelings change? She smiles again. “Why am I thinking that? he is happy now!” she consoles herself . No sign of the train yet. “Is that train really gonna come?” she asks the girl standing next to her but gets no response. “Damn, it feels like forever!” Time is such an illusion. The years spent with him passed so quickly, within blink of an eye and now this 10 minute delay is making her impatient. But she is still waiting..she badly needs to make this, she has to. If he can be happy without her, she can be too..but maybe not in this world. Maybe in some other dimensions where time is not an illusion and pain is not valid. She exhales heavily. Finally she can see the train. Finally…. the forever 10 minutes is over!


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