Broken dream

He was like a broken dream to me.

A dream which you regret after you wake up. Beautiful but lasts for few seconds. Such vivid but hard to recall. I don’t remember when  I saw him first or fell in love. But I feel like I have been loving him long before I knew him even. He was in my existence long long ago.. just couldn’t realize it.

Like a broken dream, which you know doesn’t exist in real.. but you still love it anyway. A painful yet loving broken dream…

Journey towards infinity

The train is a bit late today. She is waiting, like everyone else in that station. But seems like today is not really her day. “First that picture, now this train!”, she murmurs. Yes that distracting picture, “he seemed happy with her though”,she smiles. It’s been 6 months 22 days. No calls, no texts! But there were days when he used to call right after coming back from work. She takes a deep breath. Life changes, people change but do feelings change? She smiles again. “Why am I thinking that? he is happy now!” she consoles herself . No sign of the train yet. “Is that train really gonna come?” she asks the girl standing next to her but gets no response. “Damn, it feels like forever!” Time is such an illusion. The years spent with him passed so quickly, within blink of an eye and now this 10 minute delay is making her impatient. But she is still waiting..she badly needs to make this, she has to. If he can be happy without her, she can be too..but maybe not in this world. Maybe in some other dimensions where time is not an illusion and pain is not valid. She exhales heavily. Finally she can see the train. Finally…. the forever 10 minutes is over!


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Go with the flow..

I am drowning.The blue big waves are taking me off to somewhere I don’t belong. But the feeling is soothing, somewhat peaceful. I  close my eyes and make an attempt to visualise the faces I love, the faces which were always there for me…I cant. Everything is blurred, fuzzy and blue. I can see the sky, its also blue. But so bright.. I cant keep staring. My eyes are hurting. I am slowly going far far away but I am not scared, rather happy. Why is it feeling so good?  Why am I not scared? I close my eyes and try to remember the last time I was that happy. I cant remember anything,nothing… Time is going slow. I am waiting for another big wave and I can see, its coming.. I smile, “I am ready!”….




And I searched for  you

under the sky of thousands stars,
In the blue ocean,, and
in a winter morning..
Or in an Autumn afternoon…
Sometimes in the middle of my laughs,
or in my teardrops..
I searched for you in my wishful thoughts or in my deadliest desires..

I searched for you everywhere..
In every existence…



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Hold on or let go?

She was looking at an old picture.  Its been long since she heard his voice. “Should I call him?” she thinks. Then realised she doesn’t have his number. Strange! “Since when we became that distant!” He was someone very special and now she doesn’t even know where is he living! Why life has to be such cruel sometimes. She still remembers the first day they met. It was an ordinary day, just like others, but it changed her life. Who says people move on? They don’t. Its just we accept the fact some people are not worth keeping. But he was special,  and different. If she could, she would never let him go. She could hold onto him like she holds his memories now. Maybe she is the one to blame! Maybe she did not try enough but would that change anything? Would that make him realise how badly she wanted him to stop her when she was leaving???

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Maybe some other day..

“Do you want coffee?” he asked. She smiled and said, “NO!” She is happy today, so happy that she can even say no to coffee. After waiting for two months, finally he asked her out. No it’s not a date. But it’s not a friendly meeting either. It’s something else. She does not know what. Maybe she does not wanna know. Some things are worth not knowing. He is busy in drinking coffee. She looks at him, curious eyes, messy hair..”How come a person can look that good even drinking coffee? ” she smiles. He is still busy but now not with coffee. “You know I was thinking how can people survive without coffee?” he said with a smile in his lips. Oh god! This boy!!! When will he realize! When will he notice the love she has in her eyes for him?  When will he understand every time he asks to meet she waits, maybe today he will say something which will indicate he wants her. But it never happens, still she waits. He is done with coffee. “Shall we go back to our daily life now?” he asked. She smiles but her smile does not reach to her eyes, “Yes, why not!” i__m_still_waiting_for_you_by_made_in_utopia